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Abel Tasman National Park – Be Safe and Prepared

Although New Zealand bushland is safe from predators and free from snakes, it is still a hazardous environment which must be respected to stay safe. When you are heading out into the bush or out to sea, always make sure you do the following:

  • Check the weather forecast. If in doubt, stay home
  • Notify someone of your plans – where you are heading and when you intend to return
  • If heading out into the bush, wear strong footwear and take plenty of warm clothing, extra food and waterproof gear.
  • If heading out on the water, always wear a lifejacket. Wear a hat to protect from the sun.
  • The water in the Park is not safe to drink, so take plenty of water and have a plan to treat further water if you get stuck
  • Be Sunsmart – always wear sunscreen and a hat. It is best to wear light long clothing and sunglasses too.
  • Consider taking a personal locator beacon or other communication device in case you get into difficulty. Do not rely on cellphone coverage.